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About us

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We are able to meet requirements of the most demanding customers. The material entering our operation is undergoing a thorough acceptance process.

About us

TOP W.I.G. s.r.o.

Dear Colleagues,
let us introduce ourselves

We are a limited liability company, established by professionals in order to provide precise working results in the field of welding. We strive to satisfy customers with the highest quality requirements, especially in the food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Our competitive advantage is top quality and low production costs.

We use modern methods of process control and management

We provide complete assembly, reconstruction, modernization of heating plants, boiler rooms, heating/cooling plants, breweries, distilleries, dairies, etc.

We are able to meet the most demanding customers. The material entering our operation is undergoing a thorough acceptance process.

We are aware of how the material used can affect the quality of the final work. We guarantee first-class materials with a precise chemical composition.

In our company facilities, we are ready to prepare semi-finished products and complicated parts for final assembly.


We provide

  • manual welding
  • orbital welding
  • mechanical assembly
  • piping insulation
  • planning
  • creation of 3D drawing documentation
  • prefabrication of complex machine parts
  • material supply
  • consulting in the field of WIG/TIG welding

We are a fast-growing company that adheres to standards, regulations, responds flexibly to customer requirements. We look forward to working with you.

About us
About us

1. Quality

Quality comes first in our company. We guarantee it by the qualifications and initiative of all our employees. We are aware that the quality of all processes in our company determines our future.

2. Respect for the customer

We deliver our products in the required quality and within the agreed deadlines. We maintain a very close relationship with all our customers, on the basis of which we are able to respond flexibly to all their requirements, needs and expectations.

3. Economy and efficiency, supplier relationships

We develop cooperation with our suppliers on a partnership level. We take measures that enable us to reduce costs and avoid all forms of waste.

4. Collaborators

All employees of our company are driven by a single goal, namely to do an excellent job to satisfy customer expectations. We value creative and professionally skilled employees who are willing to further their education in their field. We strive to keep them motivated to do productive and well-done work, thereby creating the conditions for continuous improvement in customer satisfaction. We support the continuous development of our key personnel, both in their professional competence and in their knowledge of management, communication and teamwork. The company has issued a Code of Ethics as a separate document.

About us


ISO 9001


Authorisation for the installation and repair of gas appliances


We focus on welding...

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